Abdominal Workouts Atascadero CA

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Abdominal Workouts

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Abdominal Workout

Supine Leg Lifts

(works the abdominals, hip flexors and obliques)
  • Lie flat on a bench with legs extended and grasp the edge (over your head) for support (Figure 01).
  • Raise the legs up at the waist/hips off the floor (don't swing the legs) (Figure 02).
  • Feel the crunch in your abdominals (Figure 03).
  • Lower the legs back down and repeat (Figure 01).

Variations of this exercise: lying floor leg raise, incline bench leg raise, hanging leg lifts.

Ab Crunch

(works the abdominals)
  • Lie flat on a mat (Figure 04).
  • Bend legs at the hips and knees (Figure 05).
  • Cross the arms over the chest (Figure 05).
  • Bend at the waist, raising your shoulders and upper body until you feel the crunch in your abs
    (Figure 06).
  • Lower the upper body down (Figure 05).
  • Repeat.

Variations of this exercise: lying floor leg raise, incline bench leg raise, hanging leg lifts.

After 4-6 weeks, change at least one of the following components:

  • Type or Weight of Resistance
  • Exercise
  • Positioning

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Twisting Crunches

(works the abdominals, obliques and hip flexors)
  • Lie flat on a floor mat with knees and hips bent.
  • Place both hands behind the head (Figure 07).
  • Twist the waist up towards the right knee so your left elbow almost touches it (Figure 08).
  • Lower the upper body down, untwisting the body (Figure 07).
  • Repeat in alternating twists.

Variations of this exercise: abdominal twist machine, weighted twist-ups, side crunches.