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If you're just beginning to exercise like I was aerobics videos are a great way to get a sweat on while wearing whatever you want, in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

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Aerobics Videos and DVDs

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Aerobics Videos / DVDs

I'm a big advocate of exercise videos. I know it might surprise you that a now-dedicated gym rat started sweating her butt off with the help of a certain Tai Bo guru we'll call him Billy X but it's true! X kicked my behind into decent enough shape to get me into a gym for some serious cardio and weight training. If you're just beginning to exercise like I was aerobics videos are a great way to get a sweat on while wearing whatever you want, in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

However, choosing an exercise video from the hodgepodge of heart-pounding, pulse-raising, kickboxing, belly dance, step aerobics, high-impact, low-intensity sweat-fests on tape can be kind of like a buffet dinner. But at this one you can only choose one dish. Sure, you can peruse the delicacies, look at them, smell them even, but you'll never know if they're too boring, too watery, too spicy or just pure presentation until you spring for the bill.

Here are some general guidelines to remember when choosing from the pot luck that is exercise videos:

Your goal is priority #1 Whatever your goal de-stressing, weight loss, toning those muscles, lowering cholesterol, strengthening bones opt for a video that corresponds. For example, to relax, I recommend a Thai Chi video; whereas to lose weight I'd choose a higher-intensity aerobics video like kickboxing or step aerobics. If you've just had a baby and want to lose weight, then you're in luck! There are a plethora of videos aimed at this purpose alone.

Don't ignore your talents Just because you've decided to start exercising that doesn't mean it has to be all pain and no glory. Choose a video based on your talents. Do you really enjoy dancing? Then choose a video with lots of challenging choreography. However if you've got two left feet, like I do, choose a video that teaches basic moves then perfects them like Tai Bo. Bottom line choose a video that mirrors an activity you already enjoy. That way you will stick with it.

Space considerations How much room is in front of your TV? Exercise videos have you skipping forwards, scissor-kicking backwards and push-kicking diagonally, so your exercise video is useless if your sectional takes up the entire room. If space is a concern, try a video on the ball or a yoga video that has you planted in one spot.

Ideal impact Exercise videos are graded according to impact levels high, low and medium. Low-impact is aimed at beginners ...

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