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Bruised Ribs

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Bruised Ribs

How to Treat Bruised Ribs

by Ian Brown

Thinking about what injury to write about, I went and played hockey the other week and guess what, I bruised my ribs. Bruised ribs can be very painful, let me tell you. The impact that causes the bruising will affect the muscles between the ribs; which will cause pain when you breathe, walk, sit-up or do almost anything.

If you are unlucky enough, like I was, you may even sublux (pop) a rib. In my case I bruised the bottom rib which caused me to have problems with my abdominals. This occurred because the abdominals compensated for the injury. In most cases the rib will find its way back into its proper position. If severe pain continues I recommend seeing a chiropractor.

To treat this you should, as always, ice for the first 48-72 hours with very limited stretching. After this, progress to more aggressive stretching within your pain tolerance. Fig 1.1 shows you the proper way to stretch. If no pain is felt, or it is slight, try taking a deep breathe and holding it for approximately 10 seconds while performing this stretch.

If pain has been eliminated by the fifth day then you may start with some light cardiovascular to help strengthen the muscles between the ribs (intercostals). If pain is still too great to start these exercises, then continue with the stretching until this pain has been eliminated.

With this injury it may take a long time to heal because of the constant movement and contraction of the abdominals and the intercostals. Another precaution to be aware of with this injury is any damage that may have occurred to any of the internal organs. You may be able to tell whether the injury is superficial or deep. If you are not sure and the pain or discomfort continues for more than two weeks then you should consult your physician.

With my injury I barely felt any pain at the time of impact and the discomfort didn't start till the day after. It progressively got worse until I had to see...

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