Exercise Ball Workouts Atascadero CA

Maybe you know some moves of the esercise ball, but do you know that the variations of the exercise also incline bench push-ups, weighted push-ups, classic floor push ups, modified (sissy push-ups), wall push-ups?

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Exercise Ball Workouts

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Exercise Ball Workout

Oblique Lifts

(works the obliques and abdominals)
  • Lean your side against your stability ball so it's nestled into your hip (Figure 01).
  • Bend your bottom knee for support and place your hands behind your head (Figure 02).
  • Lift your torso off the ball, bend toward your hip (feel the squeeze in your side) (Figure 01).
  • Repeat and switch sides.

Variations of this exercise: side floor crunches, twisting crunches, dumbbell side bends.

Incline Ball Pushups

(works the chest, shoulders and triceps)
  • Prop your shins and toes up on your stability ball (Figure 03).
  • Place your hands on the floor a little wider-width apart (Figure 03).
  • Keeping your tummy tight and your butt flat, slowly bend at the elbows lowering your upper body towards the floor (Figure 04).
  • When elbows are bent at 90-degrees, push back up to starting position and repeat (Figure 03).

Variations of this exercise incline bench push-ups, weighted push-ups, classic floor push ups, modified (sissy push-ups), wall push-ups.

Wall Squats

(works the glutes, quads, hamstrings, lower back and thighs)
  • Place ball on a wall level with the small of your back (Figure 05).
  • Lean against the ball (Figure 05).
  • Lower your body to the floor, bending knees until they bend at 90-degree angles (Figure 06).
  • Push through the heels back to starting position (Figure 05).

Variations of this exercise: barbell squats, body squats, hack squats, jump squats.

After 4-6 weeks, change at least one of the following components:

  • Type or Weight of Resistance
  • Exercise
  • Positioning

Seated Lateral Raises

(works the entire shoulders and upper and mid-back)
  • Sit on your stability ball, holding a dumbbell at each side (Figure 07).
  • Raise your arms out straight (elbows loose) to shoulder level so your upper body forms a T
    (Figure 08).
  • Lower your arms back down to your sides and repeat (Figure 07).

Variations of this exercise: standing lat raise, one-arm lat raise, lat raise machine.

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