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An informative article outlining the links between exercise and intelligence including reasons why exercising regularly will make you smarter.

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Exercise for Brain Power

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For brain power

A study has revealed that exercise can make people smarter – new nerve cells developed in the brains of subjects after a three-month aerobic workout plan. Growing new nerve cells in the brain was thought to be impossible, yet all it took was a simple three-month aerobic plan. Gee, who would have thought?

I always thought it stood to reason that with all the health benefits exercise provides, an increase in mental abilities would also be a benefit. Increasing the blood flow to your brain is ideal when it comes to using your noggin without the need for a special cap.

Neuroscientists “armed with brain-scanning tools and a [sophisticated] understanding of biochemistry” are now realizing the mental benefits are much more than once thought. Keeping the brain active by learning new things and exercising your brain can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Research indicates that vigorous physical exercise can help stave off Alzheimer’s and other mental conditions. The brain develops dense pathways designed for an overall increased brain function. One of the more interesting points was that the self-esteem improvement was not from watching your waist slim up but from changes in the brain.

While vigorous exercise is still preferred, moderate exercise should not be ignored. People try to make any excuse they can not to exercise. Even 10 minutes of physical activity is better than nothing. This sounds similar to eating several smaller meals throughout...

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