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A sprain is a joint injury in which bones of a joint will momentarily come out of alignment to such a degree that the soft tissues, known as ligaments, will be torn. Read on for more detailed information.

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How to Treat Ligament Sprains

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How to Treat Ligament Sprains

by Ian Brown

A sprain is a joint injury in which bones of a joint will momentarily come out of alignment to such a degree that the soft tissues, known as ligaments, will be torn. There are three classifications of sprains: Mild or first degree sprain: up to 20 percent of the ligament fibers will be torn. Moderate or second degree sprain: 20 percent to 75 percent of the ligament fibers will be torn. Severe or third degree sprain: 75 percent tear of the ligament fibers up to a total rupture of the ligament.

As with any injury, the course of treatment will depend on both the degree of injury (mild, moderate or severe) and the classification of injury (acute, sub-acute or chronic) As always, ice should be used on the injury immediately to help reduce inflammation.

With any injury the RICE method should be applied (rest, ice, compression and elevation). This should be applied for the first 48 -72 hours without returning to the activity that caused the injury.

If the pain is still severe after 72 hours then you should seek help from your medical doctor. If you have the use of the joint but there is still some pain then it is possible that you may be able to treat this injury on your own as long as you use proper stretching techniques for the muscles that cross the affected area.

If the preceding is the case it is more than likely that you have a mild sprain. If you have any doubt about the stability or the degree of pain then you should immediately seek professional help. A sprain should not be taken lightly because the affected soft tissues are the support for that joint. A ligament does not have the same healing potential or elasticity of a muscle or tendon so it will take more intense therapy to heal the injured area to regain the strength and support needed to return the area to its original ability.

After 72 hours, if treating yourself, and after icing, you can move on to contrast hydrotherapy. You are now in a sub-acute stage. The hydrotherapy will consist of three minutes warm and one minute cool repeating three times. This can be done 2-3 times a day and will cause a flush affect in the area moving any unwanted inflammation. If inflammation still is present then return to using ice only. You should continue the contrast hydrotherapy for two days. Light stretching, without pain, can be done during this stage. Be careful on the amount of activity that you do. You do not want to overdue it and...

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