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Kick Boards

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Kick Boards

Kick boards, flutter boards or paddle boards regardless what you call them, they've been keeping you upright in the water for years. Kick boards are used to support your weight when performing lower body workouts in the water. Kick boards offer a great flutter kicking workout and they can also be used to add resistance to aqua-aerobics.

Kick boards can be found ranging from extremely hard to extremely flexible styles. Many are even aero-dynamic, resembling spaceships for speed in the water. When purchasing a kick board it should have decent grip so you're able to hold onto it in the water. Kick boards weigh, on average, between 1 ½ and 2-pounds.

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Kick boards are typically constructed of high-density foam for greater in the water. Many swimmers train with kick boards to help improve their kicking techniques and simultaneously build stronger legs and increase ankle flexibility.

To use a kick board properly, position yourself with your chest and arms lying on top of the board, so that your face is out of the water. Grip the board towards the front and kick with your legs.

Kick boards cost between $5 and $15 online.

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