Leg and Butt Workouts Atascadero CA

Here we help you make healthy lifestyle choices. We have examples of leg and butt workouts and advice on how to achieve results.

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Leg and Butt Workouts

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Leg & Butt Workout

Barbell Squats

(works the butt, quads, inner thighs, hamstrings, claves and lower back)
  • Position barbell on the back of your shoulders, grasping it on both sides (Figure 01).
  • Dismount barbell from rack (Figure 01).
  • Stand with feet hip-width apart (Figure 01).
  • Lower your body into squatting position until thighs are parallel with floor (Figure 02).
  • Do this by jutting your butt out, keeping your back straight, your abs tight and knees behind your toes (Figure 01).
  • Repeat

Variations of this exercise: chair/stool squats, wall squats, body squats.

Dumbbell Lunges

(works the butt, quads, calves, inner thighs, hamstrings and lower back)
  • Stand looking forward, holding dumbbells at your sides (Figure 03).
  • Lunge forward with right leg, keeping the left foot planted (Figure 04).
  • Lower your body down into a lunge by bending the right knee and hip forward until the left knee almost touches the floor (Figure 05).
  • Force your body up by extending the right hip and knee (push through the foot) (Figure 03).
  • Repeat with alternating lunges.

Variations of this exercise barbell lunges, reverse lunges, side lunges, cable lunges.

After 4-6 weeks, change at least one of the following components:

  • Type or Weight of Resistance
  • Exercise
  • Positioning

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

(works the butt, lower back, inner thighs, hamstrings and quads)
  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart (Figure 06).
  • Hold the bar in front of your thighs with arms extended (elbows loose) (Figure 06).
  • Keeping your back flat and abs tight, tip your hips and lower your torso forward until the bar is level with your mid-shin (Figure 07).
  • Squeeze through the butt to raise the bar up (Figure 06).
  • Keep the bar close to your legs through the exercise

Variations of this exercise: stability ball chest fly, peck deck fly, decline cable chest fly, standing cable chest fly, seated cable chest fly.

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