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Resistance training can pit your muscles against more then just a weight machine, dumbbell or a pair of barbells. Learn what you need to know about other types of resistance training at Fitness Gear 101.

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Other Resistance Training

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Other Resistance Training

Resistance training can pit your muscles against more then just a weight machine, dumbbell or a pair of barbells.

By now, you've probably caught on that being creative with your strength training workouts will produce constant gains. This is because the body tends to get used to the same old program of bicep curls and bench presses. After a while, if you continue to do the same exercise at the same weight and reps and continue to utilize the same equipment, your muscles will no longer respond.

I like to mix up my workouts by incorporating a new piece of fitness equipment that I've never used every now and then. In a sense, this gives my muscles a sort of "culture shock" and they say "Hey, she's throwing something new at us here. Let's get ready for it!" I find that my body responds when I take it by surprise. Plus, adding fresh equipment to my workouts keeps them exciting and challenging.

Now, adding a new piece of equipment to your workouts doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg (you'll need these for weightlifting, after all). It can be as simple as adding a $6 pair of hand grips to strengthen your grip for weightlifting, or a $20 set of resistance bands for alternative strength training on the go. Resistance bands are an excellent way to get a quick and non-intrusive workout in on your lunch hour, on a long flight or to tuck in your overnight bag if you're traveling (much lighter than a pair of dumbbells, believe me).

Nothing gets me more excited than being able to use one piece of strength training equipment for more than one exercise and push-up bars and doorway chin-up bars do just that. I use my doorway chin-up/pull-up bar for more than just corporal chin-up punishment. It can be set in a doorway for chin-ups/pull-ups, plus set on the floor for a push-up bar or dip station.

If you're looking to add new outlook to your workouts, you can always get it upside down with inversion boots , or by adding 10 to 30-pound...

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