Pilates Classes Brookings SD

Pilates classes are based on the Pilates fitness system that uses resistance equipment such as the Pilates reformer machine to help people develop core strength and stability. See below for fitness centers and Pilates studios in Brookings, SD that give access to qualified Pilates instructors.

Quantum Specialties
(605) 722-3325
716 W. McClellan
Lead, SD
Yoga Styles

Spa 80 For Women
(605) 342-8080
512 Main St #5
Rapid City, SD
Yoga Styles
YogaFit, & Hatha

Elements Massage Therapy and Bodywork
(605) 545-2306
822 Main St
Rapid City, SD
Stretch Studio LLC
(605) 484-0108
611 Main St
Rapid City, SD
Yoga Studio
(605) 390-2320
2050 West Main St #3
Rapid City, SD
Avera Queen of Peace Wellness Center
(605) 995-2468
Mitchell, SD
Yoga Styles

Health Basket
(605) 338-4438
3301 E. 26th Street Suite 99
Sioux Falls, SD
Yoga Styles
Vinyasa Flow

All About Pilates
(605) 280-8311
3405 Sturgis Rd
Rapid City, SD
Dharma Room
(605) 271-9642
220 S Phillips Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Butterfly Rainbow Center
(605) 940-0700
1416 S. Minnesota Av
Sioux Falls, SD

Pilates Classes

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Get in shape with the Pilates method

If you’re looking to get into shape, chances are you’ve heard about Pilates which has surged in popularity in recent years. Due to the recent attention that it’s gotten, there’s plenty of mistaken information out there about what Pilates is, what it does and who it’s for.

Many people may be surprised to learn that the Pilates method has been around for eight decades. It was created by Joseph Pilates in Germany based on his study of aerobics and yoga to help rehabilitate veterans from the First World War. He developed precise movements to emphasize control and regain health by strengthening, stretching and stabilizing key muscle groups.

He believed that mental and physical health were essential to each other and wanted to create a means of joining the mind and body using philosophy and exercise. Pilates originally called his method Contrology, later known by the Pilates name. The Pilates method focuses on the following areas: breathing, centering, concentration, control, precision, flowing movements and flexibility.

Pilates Equipment

While the Pilates method originated as a series of 34 exercises that were performed on a padded mat, specialized Pilates equipment was later introduced to take Pilates workouts to the next level. The apparatus that Joseph Pilate designed include:

  • The Reformer
  • The Cadillac (also known as the trapeze table)
  • The Wunda Chair
  • The Ladder Barrel

However, those who are just starting out with Pilates exercises can begin by using a padded mat and a Pilates ball.

Part of the reason why it’s suddenly been thrust into the spotlight is because a U.S. federal court ruled that the term Pilates was a generic term that was free for unrestricted commercial use. Suddenly anyone who wanted to cash in on its popularity was able to put the word Pilates on their exercise programs. The Winsor Pilates workout is one example of many of the popular Pilates training classes on the market ...

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