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This section explores the must-have fitness equipment for building and designing you own home gym. One of the easiest ways to make exercise a habit is to set up your own gym at home. With a comfortable workout environment right in your own house you’ll have no excuse for sloth.

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Stocking Your Home Gym

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Home Gym

Stocking Your Home Gym

Getting outdoors for exercise and going to the gym are great ways to stay active and healthy - but when the weather makes you want to stay in bed or your schedule has you tied to your desk, it’s still important to keep up your workout routine. One of the easiest ways to make exercise a habit is to set up your own gym at home. With a comfortable workout environment right in your own house you’ll have no excuse for sloth!

Your home gym doesn’t have to cost you any organs or limbs. Whether you want to start with a few reasonably priced workout basics or outfit the entire spare room as your own exercise studio, you’ve got a wealth of options. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding where to begin, so to give you a hand, here are some of the most popular and useful equipment choices for stocking your own home gym:

A balanced but varied exercise routine should be one of your goals. You’ll want gym equipment that can help you get a good cardiovascular and aerobic workout, but you’ll also need tools for your weight training and core strengthening exercises. For runners, joggers and walkers, a treadmill could be a great foundation for your home gym. Though it’s a bigger investment, a treadmill is great for aerobic and cardio exercise, and frees you from your dependence on the weather man.

Treadmills aren’t your only choice for cardio equipment. Stationary bikes are a classic way to get in some non-impact cardiovascular exercise and work on your legs and buttocks - newer high end models even come with comfortable seats and customizable programming. A row machine is another popular option for a great cardio and full body workout. But if your pocketbook or floor space can’t stand the strain of cardio machines, a jump rope is an inexpensive piece of equipment that takes up very little space - try switching up skipping styles for a great cross-training workout for your heart, lungs and several muscle groups.

Once your exercise room is stocked for your cardiovascular health, don’t forget to train with weights - weight training burns double the calories of a high intensity cardio session, tones your muscles, boosts your metabolism, strengthens your bones and improves your endurance and energy levels. If you’re new to weight training or are on a budget, a few pairs of dumbbells can get you moving. However, you can also invest in a full dumbbell set without having to worry about breaking the bank.

To maximize your workout space (and safety), store your dumbbells on a convenient vertical dumbbell rack that holds weights up and down two or four sides. For more space-saving, instead of cluttering up your room with separate incline, decline and flat weight benches you can purchase a multi-purpose or adjustable weight bench - it will help you vary your weight training routine, and will save you money. You can also add variety and flexibility to your strength training with a set of inexpensive and easy to store resistan...

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