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We have a series of articles on weight training equipment including tricep machines. Read on to know more about tricep machines.

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Tricep Machines

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Triceps Machines

When I first started strength training, one muscle that seemed to elude my comprehension were my triceps. You know the muscles opposite your biceps on the back of your arm that can dangle like loose chicken skin on even the slimmest of folks. Needless to say, my triceps needed some serious plucking I mean attention. However, I was at a real loss for an exercise that would tighten them up. At the time it seemed to me like triceps exercises were kept sacred by some secret weight lifting society that I hadn't yet paid homage to. Therefore, I was left to walk the earth with wobbly tris! Would dips help? What about push ups? While both lent impressive definition to my shoulders and overall arms, my triceps were still somewhat gelatinous.

For those who suffer the same triceps confusion that I once did, the triceps are a group of muscles with 3 heads. The seated biceps/triceps machine isolates all areas of the triceps muscles. This so-called arm machine is positioned to give the user a traditional bicep curl and triceps extension combination that exercises both muscles during the same exercise. The biceps/triceps machine isolates the tri muscles by aligning the elbow axis of rotation with the cam axis of the machine. To use, sit firmly facing the machine. Grip the handles with your hands and pull them towards your shoulders in a bicep curl motion, while keeping your triceps planted. Remember to lift with your biceps muscles and lower with your triceps muscles in a cadence of 3-0-3.

To this day I still judge a person's athletic prowess by the firmness of their triceps. And I'm happy to say mine firmed quickly once I found the joy of the biceps/triceps machine as well as the following triceps exercises:

Close-grip Bench Press This exercise simulates a regular bench press with a closer grip. Keep your elbows tight to each side of your rib cage.

Triceps Press Downs This exercise is performed on a cable machine, keeping your elbows locked...

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