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The skin of our feet exists in an extreme environment: friction, pressure, humidity and sometimes temperature. And usually it does pretty well. But sometimes it becomes unhealthy. And that’s when you need to identify the problem and seek treatment.

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Wobble Boards

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Wobble Boards

The first time I set eyes on a wobble board, I mistook it for a kid's toy. That was until I experienced the benefits of its core-strengthening prowess. A wobble board is basically a solid wooden disc with a non-slip surface. The disk sits atop a wooden ball that's able to rotate at 3 different angles 10-degrees, 12-degrees and 15-degrees.

A wobble board will give you a better core-stabilizing workout than a body dome just ask my mother for just $60 online.

Overall, wobble board workouts will:

  • Improve your balance, posture and coordination.
  • Increase the range of motion in your legs and ankles.
  • Strengthen the stability in your core (trunk and pelvis area).
  • Better prepare your muscles to handle sports-related injuries.

Here are 3 balance board exercises that I'd recommend for beginners or those undergoing rehab. Hold onto a chair at first, until you get used to the unstable board. Once you've mastered these, you can try doing the same 3 exercises while kneeling on the board. I find that when I challenge myself to see how long I can stay balanced my workouts are over before I know it.

Side to Side try to maintain balance while shifting your weight from left to right.

Front to Back try to maintain balance while shifting your weight from front to back.

Rotational try to maintain balance while rotating your weight in a circle.

For more experienced weight trainers and athletes, here are some creative ways that I use my wobble board:

Wobbly Crunches I sit on the wobble board while performing crunches. I find that lifting your feet off the floor is more difficult than when using a stability ball.

Wobbly Push-ups I grasp each end of the wobble board with my hands while performing push-ups.

Wobbly Lunges I my back foot on the floor and lunge forward, placing the arch of my foot on the center of the wobble board.

Please keep in mind that wobble boards can be dangerous pieces of fitness ...

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