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Local resource for yoga accessories in Mcminnville, OR. Includes detailed information on local fitness retailers and sporting good stores that give access to yoga mats, yoga clothing, yoga pants, yoga blocks, yoga bricks, yoga straps, and yoga gloves.

Dick's Sporting Goods
(503) 363-4860
275 Lancaster Drive, NE
Salem, OR
Mac Sports
(503) 472-4453
438 NE 3rd St
McMinnville, OR
Valley Skate Surf & Snow
(503) 435-2411
318 NE 3rd St
McMinnville, OR
Pacific Crest Archery Pro Shop
(503) 585-4547
3068 River Rd N
Salem, OR
Eddie Bauer Inc
(503) 981-4197
1001 N Arney Rd
Woodburn, OR
Aqx Inc
(503) 565-2110
2300 SW 2nd St Ste A
McMinnville, OR
Big 5 Sporting Goods
(503) 474-9006
2525 NE Highway 99W
McMinnville, OR
Bases Loaded-Grand Slam
(503) 362-2640
670 Wallace Rd NW
Salem, OR
Columbia Sportswear
(503) 981-4886
1001 N Arney Rd
Woodburn, OR
Big Dog Sportswear
(503) 981-5283
1001 N Arney Rd
Woodburn, OR

Yoga Accessories

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Yoga Mats

When you become Zen-like while practicing some yoga, you need to focus on your breathing and pose, not on your yoga mat. The main purpose of a yoga mat is to provide a safe and stable surface for standing and balancing while you perform your yoga poses.

Before dedicating your body, mind and spirit to one yoga mat, you'll want to look a bit deeper into its aura I mean it's construction. When you're at the store don't be afraid to test the yoga mat in the following ways before you buy:

  • Lay the mat flat on the floor after it's been rolled up to test if it remains flat.
  • Test the mat for traction by laying it on the concrete or wood floor. Stand on it and shift your weight back and forth to see if it stays in place.
  • Take your shoes off and test if your feet stick to the mat uncomfortably. Yoga movements should be fluid so a mat sticking to your feet could encumber your Zen-ness.
  • If you like one mat in particular, carry it around while you browse to test its weight.
  • Inquire about the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Many yogis are in tune with nature. Therefore, feel free to inquire if the mat is environmentally friendly?
  • Pinch the mat between your fingers to test its resistance to compression.
  • Sprinkle some water on the mat (to simulate sweat) and smooth your hand along its surface to test its traction when wet.
  • If you plan to travel with the mat find one with a strapped carrying case for easy mobility.
  • The majority of yoga mats are ...

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